Family Violence Consequences Practice Areas

Criminal Consequences of Family Violence

  • Criminal Proceedings resulting in Confinement
  • Criminal Proceedings resulting in Fines and other Restrictions on Liberty
  • Court-Mandated Rehabilitation Courses
  • Restraining Orders
  • Crime of Moral Turpitude

Family Law Consequences of Family Violence

  • Separation and Divorce
  • Loss of Custodial Rights of Children
  • Onerous Visitation Limitations of Children
  • Inequitable Property Division upon Divorce
  • Increased Spousal Support Payments
  • Loss of Right to Collect Spousal Support

Military Law Consequences of Family Violence

  • Court-Martial Proceedings
  • Non-Judicial Punishment
  • Separation From Service for Misconduct
  • MOS Reclassification (Lautenberg Amendment)
  • Security Clearance Revocation
  • Military Protective Orders

Immigration Consequences of Family Violence

  • Loss of Immigration Status
  • Extension of Foreign Spouse stay in U.S. and Obligation to Support

Other Legal Consequences of Family Violence

  • Civil Damages stemming from Victim’s Lawsuit
  • Loss of Right to Possess Firearms (Lautenberg Amendment)
  • Loss of Employment Opportunities
  • Professional License Revocation
  • Effect on Credit Report
  • Denial of Hunting and Fishing Licenses