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Fort Leonard Wood’s Namesake

The post is named after Harvard educated surgeon and Medal of Honor Recipient MG Leonard Wood.  MG Wood was the commander of the “Rough Riders” and his second in command was Theodore Roosevelt (who took command when MG Wood was promoted).  Fort Leonard Wood was established before World War II as the U.S. Army grew and the need for expanded training areas emerged.  Ground was broken in December 1940, and the War Department designated the installation as Fort Leonard Wood in January 1941.  In a short six months, the nearly 1,600 building post was completed, and over 300,000 soldiers passed through Fort Leonard Wood on their way to WWII.

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Fort Leonard Wood serves as the home of the Maneuver Support Center of Excellence and three U.S. Army Regimental Schools:  the U.S. Army Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear School, the U.S. Army Engineer School, and the U.S. Military Police School.

In August 1996, Will Helixon endured the “cattle car” ride from the reception area to the training area where he began his Army career as a Specialist 71D (later changed to 27D) legal specialist.  Will was appointed the platoon guide for his basic training class, a position that he would keep for the entire training period.  In October, Will graduated from basic training from Fort Leonard Wood and took the short bus trip to Fort Jackson, SC, where he began his AIT.

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Military Justice Defense with The Law Office Of Will M. Helixon

Today, Will represents the solders at Fort Leonard Wood in all military justice actions ranging from Courts-Martial to Article 15s. Will also represents those facing adverse administrative actions such as GOMORs, boards, separation, reductions,  and relief for cause actions, as well as providing advice on rebuttals to inaccurate evaluations and correcting military records.

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