Attorney Profile – Jessica Linney

Jessica Linney is a born litigator and negotiator. From a young age she would tell anyone who would listen that she was going to be a JAG when she grew up. It’s not entirely clear if she knew what that was at the time, but her prediction turned out to be true when she was one of 75 students worldwide selected to intern for the U.S. Army Judge Advocate General’s Corps during law school.  In law school, she honed her litigation skills as a member of the Polestino Trial Advocacy Institute, serving on the board of directors and competing in multiple national mock trial competitions. After graduating from law school, Jessica served as an Active Duty Judge Advocate for nearly 8 years. In that time, she deployed to Iraq, and served overseas from Alaska to Germany and Korea. Her jobs included trial counsel, defense counsel and officer-in-charge of a Trial Defense Services office, Senior Trial Counsel and Brigade Judge Advocate. Through her time as an active duty Judge Advocate, Jessica sharpened her advocacy skills, which resulted in her being awarded the Senior Military Justice Practitioner Additional Skills Identifier, showcasing her dedication to the art of litigation. Once she left active duty, Jessica continued her defense of Soldiers’ rights by serving as a Soldier’s Medical Evaluation Board Counsel, advising clients on their rights and benefits under the MEB system.

Jessica Linney, Military Lawyer, Court-Martial Defense, Army Attorney The Law Office of Will M. Helixon - Over 71 years of military law experience.

“A smart attorney and quick learner, CPT [Linney] is a very talented judge advocate whose flexibility and adaptability is matched only by her winning can-do-spirit. Her excellent written and oral communication skills enabled her to quickly grasp the complexities of providing top-notch legal services.” LTC JA SJA Senior Rater May 2008

“CPT Jessica [Linney]’s performance was outstanding, in all areas. CPT [Linney] is an extremely capable, bright and energetic attorney.” MAJ JA BJA Rater May 2009

“Outstanding performance during this rating period while deployed to Iraq. CPT [Linney] worked tirelessly to provide administrative and law of war counsel to two battalions remotely located from the brigade headquarters. Her efforts in managing hundreds of claims filed by Iraqi civilians ensured a fair, just distribution of compensation money; greatly enhancing relations with the local populace.” LTC MS Brigade DCO Senior Rater May 2009

“CPT Linney is a highly motivated, talented Judge Advocate who has excelled as a trial counsel. … CPT Linney’s energy, enthusiasm, and willingness to serve will make her an invaluable asset. Brilliant performance by an outstanding officer and lawyer.” MAJ JA OIC, Fort Wainwright, Rater May 2010

“Top 5% of all JAG Corps captains. CPT Jessica Linney is one of the most impressive officers I have ever worked with. She is loyal, dedicated, smart and hard working. Her tenacity and work ethic led to impressive results as both a Trial Counsel and a Special Assistant United States Attorney. Through her tireless work at advising commanders and training Soldiers, Jessica is known and respected on Fort Wainwright by leaders and Soldiers at all levels. She has unlimited potential and will excel at any job in the JAG Corps.” COL JA SJA Senior Rater May 2010

“Exceptional Performance. CPT Jessica Linney is one of the best Captains I have worked with in over 10 years of military service. Jessica has proven to be a superior attorney whose technical proficiency and tactical savvy as a litigator jumps out at those who work with her.” MAJ JA SDC Rater May 2011

“An absolutely superb performance by the best first-year defense counsel within TDS-Europe. CPT Jessica Linney excelled during her initial year as a Trial Defense Counsel by leveraging and expanding her extensive criminal law knowledge, superior interpersonal skills and seasoned litigation abilities. Jessica’s combined technical competence, intellectual flexibility and prescient execution, allow her to easily adjust to any new situation or issue presented and always well represent her client’s interests.” LTC JA RDC Senior Rater May 2011

“Jessica is one of the best litigators I have observed in over 13 years of Army Service.” MAJ JA SDC Rater May 2012

“Outstanding performance by one of the top two litigators in TDS-Europe. CPT Jessica Linney followed up an exemplary first year in TDS with an even more stellar performance during this rating period. Dedicated, determined, and tenacious, Jessica proved herself to be the most aggressive attorney in TDS-Europe as demonstrated by her full acquittal and 9 alternative dispositions. I constantly leveraged Jessica’s expertise to mentor other defense counsel and personally selected her to provide advocacy instruction at the TDS Europe/CENTCOM Annual Training Conference to 25 other attorneys. Her knowledge and expertise in the area of trial tactics far surpasses that of other officers many years her senior.” LTC JA RDC Senior Rater May 2012

“Outstanding performance by this young Senior Trial Counsel. Jessica’s courtroom prowess and expertise enabled the six trial counsel she supervises to succeed in the courtroom and achieve just results for each case.” MAJ JA CoJ Rater April 2013

“CPT Linney is a superb Soldier and advocate. I relied on her vast wealth of knowledge and criminal law expertise to mentor and train trial counsel. Jessica’s strong understanding of and command of evidentiary procedural requirements ensured the highest professionalism and fair, just results in the command. Her commanders counted on her reliability and valued her opinions, especially in handling high-profile cases.” COL JA SJA Senior Rater April 2013

“CPT Jessica Linney is one of the top five percent of the military legal advisors I have worked with in 17 years of service and is one of the top ten percent of Captains assigned to the brigade staff. Jessica demonstrated unparalleled competence as a legal advisor and staff officer and her advice is sought, trusted and relied on by commanders across the brigade.” LTC FA, Brigade XO Rater March 2014

“CPT Jessica Linney’s performance during this rating period was excellent. Jessica proved to be an exceptional Brigade Judge Advocate, a terrific leader, and one of the most valuable members of the brigade staff. Extremely confident and competent; quickly identifies legal and operational issues and accurately advises the command. Jessica is not afraid of confrontation; she will always do what she thinks is right despite the potential opposition.” LTC JA SJA Intermediate Rater March 2014

“CPT Linney is the number 6 of the 24 captains I senior rate, the best staff captain in the brigade and without a doubt the best Brigade Judge Advocate I have worked with in 24 years of service. Bright, extremely competent and confident, CPT Linney has excelled in this demanding Field Grade position. I rely on Jessica for all brigade legal matters and put 100% trust in her advice and work products.” COL FA Brigade Commander Senior Rater, March 2014

The George Washington University, Political Science, Public Policy Focus

Law School

St. John’s University School of Law

Professional Licenses & Memberships

New York Bar Association

Florida Bar Association

American Mensa

Soldier’s MEB Counsel, Office of Soldier’s Counsel, Fort Bragg  North Carolina December 2015-May 2016

Advised and represented clients undergoing a Medical Evaluation Board. Provided legal advice regarding benefits, rights and procedures. Represented clients in MEB proceedings and before the Veteran’s Administration.

Brigade Judge Advocate, 210th Field Artillery Brigade, Camp Casey, Republic of Korea May 2013-March 2014

Served as primary legal advisor to the Army’s only forward stationed field artillery brigade. Advised the brigade commander on all legal matters, including operational law and military justice in addition to advising  five battalion and twenty-two company level commanders on all legal issues. Trained and assisted two trial counsel on all military justice matters.

Senior Trial Counsel, 8th Army, Republic of Korea May 2012-May 2014

Trained and supervised six trial counsels, prepared and assisted on over 400 military justice actions, tried and supervised over 20 courts-martial, increased military justice processing efficiency by more than 30%.

Trial Defense Counsel and Officer-in-charge, TDS Bamberg Germany, May 2010-May 2012

Advised more than 700 clients facing military justice actions. Tried more than 10 cases in courts-martial.

Trial Counsel, Fort Wainwright, Alaska July 2009-May 2010

Served as trial counsel for six Colonel level commands. Represented the government in courts-martial, federal court cases as a Special Assistant United States Attorney, and in administrative separation boards. Tried more than 10 cases between federal district court and courts-martial.

Operational Law/Legal Assistance Attorney, 1/25 Stryker Brigade Combat Team, Diyala, Iraq July-June 2009

Provided operational law advice to 1/25 SBCT, consisting of 7 battalions and over 4000 soldiers. Served as only legal assistance attorney to the brigade and all enablers. Provided rule of law support, including transition to warrant based targeting.

Legal Assistance Attorney, Fort Wainwright, Alaska January 2008-June 2008

Provided legal assistance as the only uniformed legal assistance attorney for a community of over 17,000 service members, retirees and family members. Advised clients regarding wills, child custody visitation and support, consumer law, landlord-tenant disputes and military administrative actions.

Deployments and Contingency Operations

Operation Iraqi Freedom/Operation New Dawn, Diyala Province, Iraq (Operational Law/Legal Assistance Attorney) October 2008-June 2009

Army Commendation Medal (3rd Award)

Army Achievement Medal

Meritorious Unit Commendation

Iraqi Campaign Medal w/Campaign Star

National Defense Service Medal

Global War on Terrorism Service Medal

Korea Defense Service Medal 

Overseas Service Ribbon (3rd Award)

Army Service Medal

3M- Senior Military Justice Practitioner