Month: August 2017

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Loss of Credentials: The Investigation, Peer Review and Credentials Committee Process

Tripler Army Medical Center was completed in 1948. The architecturally distinctive coral pink structure atop Moanalua Ridge was dedicated on September 10, 1948 and has been a familiar landmark on the south shore of Oahu ever since.

Twelve Steps Related to the Loss of Clinical Credentials

Virtually all health care providers, from doctors, to physician’s assistants, to dentists, to nurses, to psychologists, to social workers all require licenses from the state in which they practice.  In the military, to qualify for credentials to practice in a military treatment facility (MTF), the provider must be licensed in one or more states.  The quality assurance and licensing program in the military is governed by Department of Defense Manual 6025.13 (October 29, 2013).  As with most DoD policies, the individual services are responsible for overseeing and the implementation and compliance of the health care providers quality assurance policy.  In the Army, Army Regulation 40-68, Clinical Quality Management, is the controlling regulation.  In the Air Force, AFI 44-119, Medical Quality Operations, governs.  In the Navy, BUMEDINST 6010.31 covers adverse actions for privileged health care providers.  Regardless of the service, the quality assurance program is designed to ensure competent providers administer safe and effective care to their patients.

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