Month: July 2016

Military Lawyer Helixon

Ten Baseball Lessons For Military Litigators

Military litigators, including court-martial defense lawyers, can apply lessons from baseball to their practice to become better lawyers and advocates.

[In June, 2014, after nearly eighteen years of active duty in the U.S. Army, I resigned from active duty and entered the U.S. Army Reserves.  The SJA at Joint Base Lewis McChord afforded me the opportunity to address the Soldiers as I transitioned to the Reserves, and this blog entry is derived from that speech.]

My grandfather, Raymond, was an imposing man standing well over six feet tall.  Even in the waning years of his life, his physical strength was unmatched.  A natural athlete, grandpa lettered in football, basketball, baseball and track in college at the University of Wisconsin River Falls (formerly River Falls Teacher’s College) from 1931-34 – his best sport was basketball and he was captain of the team, but it was baseball that he pursued.  His dad, my great-grandfather managed a semi-pro baseball team in Marshfield, Wisconsin, winning the league championship in 1934.

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