Month: January 2016

WMH Blog: New Military Justice & Criminal Law Blog

Happy New Year Everyone!  

I hope that 2016 is your most productive, fulfilling and memorable (for all the right reasons) year yet.  For me, 2016 starts one of the most exciting times of my life.  Having recently turned 51, in all candor, it is likely more of my life is in my rearview mirror than lies on the path ahead of me – and I want to make the very most of everyday (country music songs are replete with this theme).  To me, that simply means strive to be healthy, treasure my family, fellowship with my friends, open my mind wider, seek to learn daily, teach even more, and professionally do what I love: advocate.  After a nearly two-year hiatus, there is no doubt that professionally l love the art of advocacy, communication, litigation, criminal law and military justice.  With that said, I look forward to what running the Law Office of Will M. Helixon holds – and the journey back into the courtroom defending soldiers.

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The Making of a Litigator

How It Should Start – Mentorship not at Law School


For the most part, the majority of lawyers who join the JAG Corps enter the Armed Forces immediately after completing three years of law school.  The goal of law school is not to teach students “the law” or “how to practice law,” but rather how to think like a lawyer – to think critically.  Except for rare exceptions, law schools do not teach students how to try cases or practice law.  

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