Military Justice Defense:  Protecting Your Freedom, Family and Financial Future

For over 22 years, Will has been either in the courtroom or advocating on behalf of his clients, whether soldiers or civilians.  After three year as a civilian criminal defense lawyer in Houston, Will enlisted in the Army in August 1996 – continuing a long line of military service that spanned several generations.  A brigade paralegal for almost two years, Corporal Helixon was commissioned in July 1998 and continued his trial advocacy for the U.S Army.  During his 18 years of active duty, Will served in virtually every military justice litigation job – trial counsel, senior trial counsel, senior defense counsel, chief of defense advocacy training, special victim prosecutor, and was certified as a military judge.  Based on his trial skills and experience, the Army awarded Will the “3T” “Master Military Justice Practitioner” skill identifier.  When your freedom is threatened by the Government, when legal stress has your family hanging on by a thread, or when your career and financial future is on the line, let Will apply the trial skills he honed for decades to aggressively advocate on your behalf.

Senior Officer Comments About Will M. Helixon

“CPT Will Helixon is the very best trial attorney within the entire Army Trial Defense Service.  His courtroom examinations and riveting arguments are awe-inspiring.”

JAG Colonel Sr. Rater, June 2005

“Number 1 or 2 of 23 hand-picked special victims prosecutors in the Army – this makes Will Helixon the best we have.  Will is a phenomenal litigator, teacher, mentor and trainer.”

JAG Brigadier General Sr. Rater, June 2013

 “A military justice treasure without equal in the JAGC Corps [Judge Advocate General’s Corps]. . .”

JAG Colonel Sr. Rater, August 2009

“LTC Will Helixon is one of the top 3 finest prosecutors in the U.S. Army.  Will’s knowledge of the UCMJ and his preparation for courts-martial is legendary, and his reputation as our Corps’ premier mentor and trainer is well-deserved.”

JAG Brigadier General Sr. Rater, June 2012

“Unquestionably in the top 1% of his JA [Judge Advocate] peers and a top 5% officer, MAJ Helixon is my professional confidant.”

Infantry Colonel Sr. Rater, July 2008

“CPT Helixon is in the top 1% of trial counsel that I have seen in 16 years.”

JAG Lieutenant Colonel Sr. Rater, June 2003

Senior Officer Comments About Jon M. Stanfield

“Superstar performance.  CPT Jon Stanfield is a rare combination of lawyer and Soldier who possess unparalleled character, intuitive leadership, scholarship and athletic ability to form one of the most dynamic JAG officers in our Corps today.”

JAG LTC Sr. Rater, April 2004

“His performance during combat operations in Iraq was phenomenal.  Captain Jon Stanfield is in the top 5% of all Judge Advocates I have supervised in my 22 years of service.”

JAG COL Sr. Rater, April 2003

 “CPT Jon Stanfield is destined to be one of the best trial attorneys in the JAG Corps.”

JAG MAJ Rater, June 2000

“CPT (P) Jon Stanfield is a top 5% officer and clearly the best Senior Defense Counsel within Regions VII & VIII, Trial Defense Service.”

JAG COL Sr. Rater, June 2005

“He is definitely the best writer and oral communicator in the office and is one of the best communicators I have ever observed in the JAGC or in the Artillery.”

JAG MAJ Rater, June 2001

“Still tackling the complex cases with aplomb, Jon achieved absolutely outstanding results for his clients, including the complete dismissal of charges in two separate rape cases.”

JAG LTC Rater, June 2005

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“Simply stated, Will is one of the best trial lawyers I have ever observed in 30 years of military service. As the Deputy Commanding General of the 82nd Airborne Division and later the J33 on the Joint Staff, Will’s ability to handle the toughest cases and seek impartial justice was unmatched. I still rank Will at the very top of all litigators. He is the best our Nation has to offer. If I need assistance, I am going to Will Helixon.”

BG Martin Schweitzer, retired, CEO & President, Network Design, Inc.
BG Martin Schweitzer, retired, CEO & President, Network Design, Inc.

Latest Client Testimonial

“Will Helixon was my attorney during my court-martial in 2005 and his legal expertise and dedication is the sole reason my case ended in a dismissal from service with no jail time served instead of a conviction for premeditated murder facing life imprisonment. There are many brilliant lawyers available who know the law well, but what makes Mr. Helixon stand out from all of them is his complete involvement and absolute dedication to his client. During my court-martial he was my U.S. Army Trial Defense (TDS) appointed attorney, but he provided me with better service and attention than the most high-priced superstar lawyers. Will Helixon is, without a doubt, the reason I was able to continue with my life. Will Helixon exemplifies everything good about our legal system and the reason why I still have faith in said system.”

Company Grade Officer, tried in U.S. Army Europe in 2005, comment in February, 2016
Company Grade Officer, tried in U.S. Army Europe in 2005, comment in February, 2016

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